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Eve Seitchik

for Somerville

City Council


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Let's build a Somerville for all, together. Eve does not accept money from big developers, corporations, the fossil fuel industry, corporate lobbyists, or police officers & their fraternal associations. Our campaign will be powered by grassroots donations like yours. Donate today to elect Eve Seitchik.


"When Somervillians

fight together for equity, we can build a city that works for all of us."


What Eve is Fighting For:

A vision for thriving, supportive community.


A Green New Deal

for Somerville

Together, our movement will fight for a Somerville Green New Deal that will create good union jobs in the City, promote equity, and set the standard for regional climate action in the state. We need to combine bold programs like fare-free public transit for Somerville residents and investing in "green infrastructure" for stormwater runoff with common sense local government, growing our tree canopy with hardy native trees and prioritizing public greenspace.


Defund the Police

Every year, we spend over $17M on policing in Somerville. In solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and over 4,000 of our neighbors who signed this petition, we will organize to cut the police budget by at least 10% per year to fund non-violent mental health response, affordable housing, safe injection sites, trauma support, transit equity, and non-congregate shelter. With this "care not cops" model, we will fight for a city budget that reflects our values and addresses the root causes of suffering in our community instead of criminalizing poverty.


Housing for All

In Somerville, over two-thirds of our neighbors are renters. We need robust tenant protections including rent control, just cause eviction, the right to quality and accessible housing, the right to organize in a tenant union, and the right to counsel in evictions.   We will need to build 3,300 publicly owned social housing units by 2030 in order to provide truly affordable housing for the long term. Housing is a human right, and our neighbors shouldn't be at the mercy of out-of-town corporate landlords and big-money developers.



Organized Labor

Union teachers, nurses, construction workers, social workers, and service workers aren't just the people who make our city work. They're also parents, our neighbors, and community members who are invested in a Somerville that works for everyone. We will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the labor movement to ensure that Somerville workers have affordable housing, fair and dignified contracts with the city (for municipal workers), and good union jobs on major construction projects.


Towards a Socialist


The very wealthy profit hugely from our everyday needs like housing and healthcare, even though 70% of us nationwide support Medicare for All. We deserve a world where regular people are in charge of our economic and social future, free of exploitation and organized against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Let's start by exploring what Somerville could be like if we put the people who live here first, instead of big developers. The movement we're already building along the way is the key to winning a just, sustainable world.




Conservative Democrats on Beacon Hill have borrowed from the playbook of GOP strongholds like Mississippi and Alabama to pass sweeping restrictions on progressive communities like Somerville. We will work tirelessly with movements and elected officials across the state to reestablish the local option on rent control, tenant protections, and non-citizen and 16-and-up voting. At the same time, we can move forward to adopt participatory budgeting and require developers to negotiate Community Benefit Agreements to mitigate displacement. "Municipal Freedom" is our city motto, and we will prioritize seeing that freedom grow.

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Eve's fight is just the beginning: Join your local organization working for a better world.

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